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Owner, Eric Lawson, has lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana all his life. When he was about 5 or 6 he had a tornado come really close to his home. Since then, he always had a curiosity He began racing cars as a hobby, but soon that got expensive and he lost his passion for it. So one day about 5 years ago he started chasing thunderstorms. He has see 14 tornadoes so far including one EF4 in Illinois Feb. 28th 2017. When Eric isn’t chasing he enjoys learning about trains. Eric met Candyse, May of 2017 and they started dating in August of that year.

Co owner, Candyse Arivett, formerly of small town Huntington, Indiana, now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana with Eric and her two year old son, Clayton. She has had a passion for storms since she was eight years old. Last year, she began chasing tornadoes. So far she has seen 6 tornadoes. Eric and Candyse both enjoy spending time with Clayton and their two cats, Chico and NOAA. They also enjoy traveling together. 
During the 2016, Indiana tornado outbreak Eric and about 8 other local  SKWARN storm spotters successfully worked closely to the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana to relay reports to the meteorologists to issue warnings. They did this with the help of a walkie talkie phone application. They raised the average lead time (the number of minutes between the warning and the time the tornado hits) from about 14 minutes to over 20 minutes. They both continue to work closely with the National Weather Service 0f Northern Indiana, in November of 2017 a EF2 tornado struck Jay Co, Indiana and they successfully relayed that report and helped get the warning out that a tornado is occurring.

In April, they became a part of the first group of storm spotters to volunteer with a news station in Indiana. Hooked on Storms began volunteering with ABC21 in Fort Wayne. They hope to be able to get important weather information to the public and save lives.  

In October 2017, Eric and Candyse launched the idea of Hooked on Storms. Their mission is to bring severe weather lovers together and to provide important life saving severe weather information to people all over the US, and especially Northeast Indiana where they are located. Eric has designed unique weather themed t-shirts and hats. They also teach children about severe weather safety.